• Ponte Vedra Beach Division Chair

  • Ponte Vedra Beach Division Board Chair Job Description
    The job of the board president is one of the most challenging roles in the nonprofit world.
    A successful chair inspires a shared vision for the organization and its work,
    builds and nurtures future board leadership, and manages the work of the board.
    This position demands exceptional commitment to the organization, first-rate leadership qualities, and personal integrity.
    Responsibility Overview:
    • As the chief volunteer officer, the board president’s duties run from managing the board to working closely with the SJC Chamber President and PVBD Director.
    Additional duties may relate to his or her role as a spokesperson for the organization. The board chair also chairs the executive committee.
    • The board chair is directly responsible for voicing the interest of members in the Ponte Vedra area the SJC Chamber Board of Directors.
    • In functioning as the team leader of the board, the board president sets goals for the board, involves all board members in the work of the board
    (during meetings and through committee assignments), serves as the contact for all board members on board issues, and facilitates board meetings.
    • Leads and facilitates board meetings by making sure that the agenda is closely followed, every board member has the opportunity to participate in discussions,
    and the board uses proper decision-making procedures. • The board president will sit on the SJC Chamber Board of Directors and attend its monthly board meetings.
    The board president will also attend the monthly President Council meetings. The board president should meet with the Division director to review the President
    Council’s report prior to this meeting to address any issues related to the Division.
    • The board president may delegate up to six President Council meetings to the vice president.
    The board president shall not miss two consecutive President Council meetings per term.
    • Board president will assist in visiting members and take an active role in recruiting and retaining members in the Ponte Vedra area;
    this may include providing leadership for
    membership drive or member renewal visits.
    • Works with the nominating committee to identify and recruit new board members who bring important skills and knowledge to the board.
    • Prior to the PVBD board meeting, the board president will meet with the SJC Chamber president and the PVBD director to review
    the agenda and any new action items.
    • The board president must attend at least two PVBD member event per month; Before Hours, At Noon, After Hours or Ribbon Cutting.
    The board president must also attend at least two annual SJC Chamber events per year; Annual Dinner, Annual Membership Breakfast,
    Annual Dinner or EDC Breakfast.

    Elected By: Board
    Length of Term: 1 year
    Time Commitment: PVBD monthly Board meetings, SJCCC monthly Board meetings (St. Aug), Presidents Council meeting (St. Aug) and,
    at least two per month Before Hours, At Noon, After Hours or Ribbon Cutting. – average of 4-5 hours per month
    Reports To: SJC Chamber Board of Directors
    Support: SJC Chamber President and PVB division director