State Legislative Agenda


    • Support continued reductions in the State corporate income tax.
    • Support legislative initiatives aimed at reducing the regulatory barriers impacting new business start-ups.
    • Support prioritization of Economic Development programs and funding of initiatives aimed at helping existing businesses expand and attract new businesses to Florida expand and to attract new businesses to Florida.
    • Support initiatives aimed at streamlining Florida’s regulatory environment.
    • Support ongoing efforts to reform Florida’s land development codes that allow Florida property owners and businesses to maximize business expansion and land development opportunities.
    • Support legislation related to protecting intellectual property rights and Florida’s ability to recruit and retain knowledge-based businesses.
    • Support Economic Development legislation aimed at improving transportation infrastructure and freight mobility.


    • Support the continued full funding of the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Funds and continue to oppose any attempt by the state legislature to “sweep” funds into other non-related funding categories.
    • Support efforts by the state legislature to give counties and municipalities more authority to ease zoning restrictions to allow additional affordable workforce housing to be constructed.
    • Support additional appropriations and grants to counties and municipalities to assist them in developing affordable workforce housing. 
    • Support amendments to the Live Local Act that encourage private developers to construct additional affordable housing.


    • Support St. Johns County’s legislative funding requests for: upgrading State Road 16; State Road 206, State Road 207, State Road 208, and County Road 210; completing extensions for County Road 2209 and State Road 312/313.
    • Support St. Johns County’s request for funding to address beach erosion south of the Guana Reserve.
    • Support funding for the completion of the feasibility study of a transit rail line between the City of Jacksonville and the City of St. Augustine.


    • Continue to support prioritization and full funding of “Visit Florida” and the promotion of Northeast Florida’s tourism industries.
    • Monitor and oppose legislative or regulatory efforts to divert local tourist tax revenues away from localities or to fund other non-tourism-related purposes.
    • Support St. Johns County-based grant applications relative to capital investment in historic preservation.


    • Analyze proposed legislative changes to the Florida tax code to determine the effects on St. Johns County businesses. After a thorough review, make recommendations to our constituent legislators, where appropriate. Generally, support measures that make Florida more competitive in comparison to other states.
    • Support legislation to finally eliminate Florida’s sales tax on commercial rents.


    • Support legislative initiatives to aid the profitability and expansion of manufacturers in NE Florida.
    • Support legislative initiatives targeted at reducing the cost of purchasing equipment used in manufacturing.


    • Continue efforts to enhance the partnership level between the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce and our elected state legislative delegation officials and staff.
    • Strengthen the partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, and other state advocacy partners to advance economic development in St. Johns County.
  • For more information, please contact:          

          Robert W. Porter, Vice President, Public Policy
          T:  (904) 687-2049
          C:  (202) 330-1912
          E:   bob.porter@sjcchamber.com