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Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

Every year, St. Johns County residents and workers are reminded of our coastal community's vulnerability to hurricanes and tropical storms. As the county continues to grow and develop, hurricane preparedness for businesses becomes even more critical because the potential for loss becomes higher.

Communication During Disaster

The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce fulfills the ESF-18 (Emergency Support Function) for the county, coordinating local, state and federal agencies and organizations' actions that will provide immediate and short-term assistance for the needs of businesses, industries and economic stabilization.

Chamber staff will keep the business community informed of what is happening before, during and after an emergency. A staff member will assist the county at the Emergency Operations Center and will assist businesses in the recovery process.

The chamber will share information and updates during an emergency on our Facebook page.

Emergency planning

Before disaster

Businesses of every size benefit from having a comprehensive emergency plan in place and should encourage employees to create their own plans for their families.

Consider how a disaster could affect your business's employees, customers and physical location. Your emergency plan should account for as much as possible of what your business might need, including:

  • Business continuity plan
  • Crisis communications
  • Emergency response
  • IT disaster recovery

During disaster

During any emergency, safety is the main concern. When a hurricane is approaching, review your Business Emergency Plan to ensure information is up to date and employees are all aware of the plan and their responsibilities. Remember, if an evacuation is ordered and you decide to remain in your business, emergency responders might not be able to respond to you during the storm. Be ready by signing up for alerts from the county and checking if your business is an evacuation zone.

After disaster

Safety is still the top priority! You might be eager to check on your business after a storm passes, but follow instructions from emergency management officials before making your way to your business. If you're able to enter, correct any safety hazards and take photos and videos of all damage prior to making repairs, then contact your insurance company immediately. Tip: Only hire licensed contractors to do repairs on your business.

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