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    Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing Services in St. Augustine

    Dealing with drug and alcohol use can be a stressful and challenging experience, whether you’re struggling with addiction yourself or attempting to help a friend or loved one who is. At ARCpoint Labs, we understand that reliable, discreet drug and alcohol testing services can help to take a small weight off your shoulders.

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    10% New Client Discount for a 5-day Kaizen Rapid Process Improvement Workshop

    The workshops are facilitated by Carrie Gotch, a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt that will guide a team of eight to apply Kaizen principles for a rapid process improvement event. The team works together to identify root causes, eliminate waste, and create standards that improve quality and reduce abnormalities in a process that has hidden unnecessary costs.

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    Infectious Disease Testing in St. Johns County

    Are you curious to know how effective your body is at fighting off COVID-19? ARCpoint Labs can help you better understand how you might react to the virus if you become infected. We offer Tru-Immune™ testing, which is an sVNT (serum viral neutralizing test) that measures the activity of the neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. Simply put, this test will reveal how well your immune system can respond to the virus.

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    BRCA 1/2 | Lynch Syndrome | Cancer STAT Panels | Hereditery Cancer Testing | Pediatric and Rare Diseases

    Genetic testing involves looking at your genes, which are the instructions coded in your DNA. Your genes are fundamental to your health and well-being. Invitae’s medical-grade genetic testing analyzes your genes to find changes that can potentially lead to disease.

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    Comprehensive STD/STI Test Panels Available | Sexual Health | Confidential Testing

    If you’re looking for a smart, stress-free way to take a proactive role in managing your health, make an STD panel part of your regular medical wellness checks. STD symptoms can be virtually undetectable, which is why so many people are unaware of an infection. Whether or not you suspect that you have the signs of an STD, regular STD testing is the number one way to both prevent and treat any sexually transmitted disease.

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    Paternity DNA Testing | DNA Immigration | DNA Genetics | Infidelity Testing Services in St. Johns County

    DNA Paternity Testing services have not been readily available, but now you can schedule your appointment with us and either stop in our location, or take advantage of our concierge service and we can come to you! DNA Paternity results are provided within 1-2 business days, and Court-Ordered testing is available as well.

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