• Vice-Chair

  • Vice Chair

    The Vice Chair will perform the duties of the Chair in his or her absence, and will deliver the Public Policy Minute at each Council meeting/event.  He or she will prepare and maintain written minutes of meetings and planning sessions of the Council Board.  Minutes will describe formal decisions and actions taken by the board, as well as action items assigned, who will execute them and the deadlines.  Action items will be confirmed prior to meeting adjournment. Minutes will be submitted to the Chamber staff liaison prior to each upcoming meeting.

    Elected By: General Chamber Membership at large
    Length of Term: 1 year
    Time Commitment:   Monthly Council meetings – 1 hour
    Monthly Council Board meetings – 1 hour
    Council Board Strategic Workshop on September 2020 – 3 hours
     Annual Event on Oct 2020 – 2 hours
    Works Directly with:  Council Chair, Director of Public Policy, Manager of Membership & Events
    Support:  St. Johns County Chamber Board of Directors