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  • Have A Local Impact

  • How To Serve In St. Johns County

    There are many opportunities to serve with the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce; from various committees, Ambassadors, Division and Council boards, Public Policy, Economic Development, and the Board of Directors, we have hundreds of volunteers that help make our organization strong.

    What makes our Chamber unique is that we recruit board members and volunteers based primarily on skill sets;  Whether it be your professional skills that you have used for your entire career, or a skill that you have developed based on dedication and passion to an effort or cause, if you have a desire to see the business community of St. Johns County grow and thrive, we have an opportunity for you.

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  • Points of Contact

  • If you have an interest in learning more about these opportunities please contact the appropriate staff person.  Volunteers increase the visibly of their company while at the same time enhance their own professional profile all while gaining valuable experience.