• PVBD Secretary

  • Ponte Vedra Beach Division Board Secretary Job Description

    Responsibility Overview:

    • In advance of meetings, review and verify the minutes provided by the PVB division director

    • Bring to each meeting a copy of the bylaws as amended or otherwise altered to date

    • Work with Sales & Membership director in obtaining a list of new members and information on those members; types of business, etc. Obtain from Sales and Membership director the monthly list of potential new members for board inquiries. Sales & Membership director will attend PVBD Board meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

    • Carry out special assignments as requested by the board president; serve as a member of standing committees, i.e. Golf Classic, Ponte Vedra Auto Show, etc.

    • Secretary will assist in visiting members and take an active role in recruiting and retaining members in the Ponte Vedra area; this may include providing leadership for membership drive or member renewal visits.

    • Assist the Chamber staff in securing member sponsors for Before Hours, At Noon and After Hours.

    • The board secretary must attend at least one PVBD member event per month; Before Hours, At Noon, After Hours or Ribbon Cutting. The board secretary must also attend at least two annual SJC Chamber events per year; Annual Dinner, Annual Membership Breakfast, Annual Dinner or EDC Breakfast.

    • In absence of board president and vice president, the secretary will preside at meetings of the PVBD board and maybe requested to preside over PVBD events.

    Elected By: Board
    Length of Term: 1 year
    Time Commitment:
    PVBD monthly Board meetings, and, at least one per month Before Hours, At Noon, After Hours or Ribbon Cutting. – average of 2 hours per month
    Reports To: PVB Division board president
    Support: PVB Division president, PVB division director and SJC Chamber sales & membership sales director