• Sawgrass Finance LLC – a new asset-based lender is calling Ponte Vedra Beach its home.

  • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, November 12, 2020
     Sawgrass Finance LLC – a new asset-based lender is calling Ponte Vedra Beach its home.
    Sawgrass Finance LLC is a lender that will provide lines of credit of up to $3,000,000 to small and medium size businesses by leveraging the company’s assets such as accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment. Each credit line is custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual company, while taking into account trade cycles, seasonality, customer base and more.
    Asset based lending is ideal when businesses are not able to obtain traditional bank financing, experience rapid growth, require seasonal accommodations, seek flexible capital, or need to increase their current financing facility. 
    Sawgrass Finance, while a national lender, is laser focused on helping the local businesses learn about and use this type of financing. We understand the current pandemic has reduced local financing options. 
    “Every business has been affected by Covid-19, more so the small and medium size companies. We are here to provide solutions for those businesses and give them a chance to succeed” – Marius Dobren, President of Sawgrass Finance.  
    About Sawgrass Finance LLC
    Sawgrass Finance is a local boutique and hands on lending company that brings fresh financing ideas and solutions to the small and medium size businesses. The company provides access to capital with a primary focus in the financing of long-term profitable growth. With over thirty years of combined asset-based lending experience, Sawgrass Finance’s upper management team is able to serve businesses with efficiency, simplicity, and integrity. 
    Marius Dobren
    Co-Founder, President
    Sawgrass Finance, LLC