• News Release: 5/7/2020

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    May 07, 2020
    March 19, 2020 
    Media Contacts:  Brande Brock ǀ bbrock@corahealth.com ǀ 352-299-4117  Daphne Ardizon | dardizon@corahealth.com | 786-413-9544 
    CORA’s COVID-19 Response Team Takes Action in Support of Social Distancing Global Adoption of Telehealth Increases Direct Patient Access , Promises Continuity of Care for All  
    Lima, Ohio – CORA Health Services, Inc. (“CORA Physical Therapy”), a top 10 national operator of outpatient physical therapy services, has announced expanded telehealth solutions effective immediately in all CORA regions. The decision supports recommendations made by state and federal officials across the nation as they urge residents to practice social distancing due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The global adoption of existing telehealth services at CORA actively confronts the need to increase patient access to quality healthcare during a critical time when visits to clinics may not be an option.  
    “Our dedicated COVID-19 Response Team has been monitoring the situation around the clock and taking aggressive actions in our clinics to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our patients,” said Javier Othon, PT, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “The reality is our teams have been prepared and ready for widespread adoption of telehealth for quite some time. We believe it is our duty and social responsibility, as trusted healthcare providers, to direct resources in good faith to solutions that are proactive, protective and preventative to reinforce health officials and strengthen the resolve of our communities suffering from acute or chronic pain.”  
    For decades, CORA has demonstrated that time spent in our clinics elicits higher-than-industry-standard outcomes and a faster return to wellness. We are now providing virtual access to the same highly-trained physical, occupational and speech therapists to accelerate CORA’s commitment to deliver robust, valuebased care, over large and small distances, with no interruption to plans of care. 
    Daphne Ardizon, MSPT, CMPT, Director of Clinical Outcomes, believes “As a trusted community provider, it’s important to press forward with solutions that meet the needs of our patients and employees in a safe, comfortable and, most importantly, patient-centered place of care. Catering to those needs in a virtual environment helps patients stay connected to their clinicians in a personalized, authentic way. We’ve also learned that meeting patients in their home gives them a sense of control and choice over their health, which is a critical component to motivate and engage our populations.” 
    Telehealth reinforces CORA’s commitment to minimal interruption in plans of care during this critical time of separation as restrictions evolve due to the coronavirus. In addition to our existing CORA VISION platform for virtual treatment, CMS guidelines now enable us to use any platform to ensure continuity of care. Our clinicians are poised to stay connected with patients through video conferencing—face time that allows them to document important metrics such as range of motion and demonstrate exercises for continuation of care.  
    Othon added: “We are treating this very seriously, and we hear and understand the concerns being expressed. It’s important to understand that we sympathize with families during this stressful time because we as mothers and fathers ourselves are sharing similar experiences. Together we will overcome COVID-19 with compassion, command and conviction.”  
    To find out if yours is one of the hundreds of insurances that participates with telehealth or to schedule a virtual appointment, email us at coravision@corahealth.com or visit https://www.coraphysicaltherapy.com/telehealth/.  
    About CORA CORA Health Services, Inc./CORA Physical Therap y ( www.coraphysicaltherapy.com ) is an outpatient rehabilitation company that uses proven clinical practices and cost effective treatment protocols to return patients to their jobs and lifestyles as soon as possible. Their clinics offer a complete range of treatment, including outpatient physical therapy and general rehabilitation, worker’s compensation therapy, sports and auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors. CORA operates more than 210 clinics in nine states: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Caro lina, Tennessee and Virginia, including specialty clinics under the Body Gears brand. 
    About CORA VISION CORA VISION is a HIPAA - compliant digital platform that means no interruption to plans of care, even when clinic visits are not an option. Powered by BlueJay, CORA VISION conveniently, easily and securely keeps clini cians and patients connected by secure text message exchange, face - to - face video calls, and home exercise videos prescribed by therapists for continuation of care . Learn more at www.coraphysicaltherapy.com/telehealth .  
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