• News Release: 1/28/2020

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    January 28, 2020
    ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida, January 24, 2020:
    Design Extensions, a digital marketing agency in Florida, became the first StoryBrand Certified agency in the state. This January, the team at Design Extensions went through extensive, multi-day training to learn how to best implement the StoryBrand framework to help their clients grow their businesses.
    Design Extensions: A Digital Marketing Agency
    Design Extensions has been in business since 1999. The agency has grown every year since then, so marketing messaging isn't new to the brand. The StoryBrand Framework is the next major evolution in the agency to improve client messaging and strategy in marketing to help them grow. It speaks to Design Extension's core value of Experience, which is all about continuing to be the best and provide the best.
    As a digital marketing agency, communicating brand messaging and key offerings to clients can be difficult. The team at Design Extensions often say marketing can be confusing and expensive for businesses. A lot of people waste money on marketing that doesn't work and the Design Extensions team is on a mission to stop that from happening.
    The Design Extensions team benefits from the largest range of marketing professionals in St. Johns County including marketing strategists, copywriters, content strategists, web designers, developers, and more.
    Because the digital marketing agency provides a wide range of services to its clients, the true value of their work can get lost in the noise. If current and potential clients don't truly understand what a company offers, they likely won't be able to understand how that company's offerings can benefit them.
    StoryBrand Certified Training
    StoryBrand is a great solution to this problem. It has helped the digital marketing agency team at Design Extensions reevaluate their messaging and see a completely different side of marketing - one that involves putting the customer at the center of it all.
    StoryBrand training involves implementing a clear 7-step framework and developing a clear marketing plan, as a result. This is to help clients stop wasting time and money on marketing that isn't effective.
    By implementing StoryBrand into its marketing strategy, Design Extensions can transform how they work with their clients going forward. This can produce the following positive results such as:
    An increase in sales: Communicating messages more clearly and quickly can significantly increase sales. A distracted and confused customer won't convert, but one who fully understands the message will.
    A clearer message: Gaining the certification can better equip companies with ways to captivate their audience and command attention. This way, potential clients will know what a company offers and how they can obtain it.
    A competitive edge: Some companies focus on telling prospects why they can be a good solution to clients, but they aren't telling an interesting story that makes people want to listen or care. Using the StoryBook Framework, brands can help potential clients understand how they can help them, which puts them one step ahead of the competition.
    About StoryBrand
    StoryBrand is a digital marketing agency that aims to help various companies in a wide range of industries create clear and compelling messages that attract attention and make sales. The StoryBrand Framework offers a unique approach to messaging because it teaches companies to stop playing the hero in the story. Instead, it instructs brands to invite customers into the story by putting them in the center of it. In essence, the customer is the hero.
    Whether fictional or real, heroes have to face a problem to achieve their goal. Often, they will meet someone who can guide them along their journey and help them get to their desired destination. In the StoryBrand Framework, the company should be that guide. The company should aim to help its customers succeed.
    The StoryBrand Framework gives detailed steps on how to clarify a brand's message and offerings. This can help current and potential clients better understand exactly what a company does and how it can help customers deliver results.
    To get the StoryBrand Certification, Jay and his team attended the four-day immersive training, taught by Donald Miller, author of Building a Story Brand, Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen. The team gained some valuable knowledge about clearly communicating with customers, and now know how to apply the framework to their own messaging and that of their clients.
    Below are some of Design Extension's main takeaways from the training:
    From a psychological standpoint, the human brain is wired to receive stories. It's human nature to relate to others through storytelling. Whether the story is written or told verbally, people take it in and immerse themselves into it as if they were actually experiencing the events themselves.
    People won't buy from a company because they think it's the "best" on the market. Customers buy from a company because they understand what it is we have to offer. This way, they know exactly how they'll benefit from a brand's offering(s).
    Never stop talking about the customer's problem. This is key because brands need to be there for their customers and show them that they care about the issues they're experiencing. Companies do this by offering a solution in a helpful way that isn't too sales-y.
    The customer is the hero of every brand story. This is perhaps the most important point of the StoryBrand Framework because, without the customer, there is no business. The customer should be the core puzzle piece in a brand's messaging. The customer already sees the big picture. The company is just here to help them get there.
    As Design Extensions revamps their marketing messaging, they can refer back to the key concepts they've learned throughout their StoryBrand training. Design Extensions' CEO Jay Owen always knew where he wanted to go with the brand, who he wanted to work with and what his business has to offer. But thanks to StoryBook training, he now knows how to best communicate this to his clients.
    About Design Extensions: A Digital Marketing Agency
    At Design Extensions, the core mission of the digital marketing agency is to help businesses attract customers through digital marketing, responsive web design, branding and more. The company's core values are quality, experience, family, commitment, joy, and faith.
    The brand is a Google Partner and Hubspot Gold Partner. In 2019, Design Extensions made the Inc 5000 list.
    For more information about the StoryBrand Framework, book a 15-minute call with us or register for our St. Augustine Workshop
    Jay Owen, Founder & CEO
    (877) 378-6101