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    May 18, 2020
    David Dobbs Enterprises, Inc dba Menu Designs, a 40 year partner with the Hospitality Industry has added cleaning and sanitizing products that will help ensure a safe and successful re-opening after this devastating pandemic. 
    As restaurants and hotels start to re-open the focus is on the health and safety of their team members and guests. Tables, Chairs, Menus, and Counter Top Surfaces need to be cleaned, sanitized and protected. Assuring your customers that you have been diligent and thorough in your cleaning, sanitizing and disease prevention measures is one of the most important and responsible actions you can undertake.   Now they can be, with the Bio-Shield family of products. We offer a three step approach which includes an environmentally safe cleaner that effectively removes grime and build up from surfaces, a sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19,  and Bio-Shield 75, a technological breakthrough that will safely shield the surface from bacteria, mold and fungi growth for up to 90 days. Designed to protect all surfaces of a restaurant and hotel including the menu covers. all have been approved by the EPA for use on food contact surfaces and safe when used as directed.  
    “Restaurants currently using alcohol base cleaners could be causing more harm than good in the long run." commented Elliott LaVercombe National Accounts Manager for Menu Designs.  “We have tested alcohol base sanitizer on wood tables, chairs, and to our menu cover products, which ultimately stripped the top finish from these items, leaving the surface sticky and unattractive, ruining the surface and your investment. “  All Bio-Shield products are water based and safe to use on any hard surface within the restaurant, when used as directed.
    Menu Designs also offers both window clings and table tents assuring customers that you have provided a clean and safe dining experience for them with Bio-Shield.  Now and post COVID-19, Bio-Shield 75, when used with recommended cleaning and sanitizing protocols eliminates any bacterial, mold, or fungal growth on any hard surface it is applied to up to 90 days, even with frequent cleaning and sanitizing, and it’s very easy to re-apply.  Keep yourself, employees and your customer safe! 

    To learn more please visit www.bioshieldmenus.com or www.menudesigns.com
    Elliott LaVercombe
    (904) 824-6171