• Urban Asado

    About Us

    Urban Asado® creates handmade Argentine inspired live fire barbecue grills. Our fabrication studio is home to both grill fabrication and live fire grilling demonstrations. Come Experience Grilling®

    Urban Asado is a St. Augustine-based wood fire grill company that collaborates with local chefs and restaurants for community grilling exhibitions.
    Inspired by his Argentinian roots, owner Nick Carrera brought Urban Asado to Northeast Florida to showcase Latin-style barbecue, but these wood fire grills are far from ordinary. Traditional hoods and bulky accessories are traded for a crank-driven grill, drip pans, and open-air flames. The heat comes from burning hardwood and the crank allows the grillmaster to raise or lower meat and vegetables to adjust the cooking time and temperature while the drip pan catches natural juices that can be used during cooking.
    Nick says, “Growing up, we had family and friends over and everyone brought something to eat or to put on the grill. It was a time to socialize and to enjoy being with one another. There was no rush to eat certain courses at specific times. The cooking over the open fire was the experience. We ate here and there as things were finished cooking.”
    This inspired Nick to collaborate with local chefs to bring communal grilling experiences called Sunday Asado. Since 2014, Urban Asado has invited guests to observe the area's best chefs behind the grates and engage in the process.


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