• Immediate Past Chair

  • Duties of Board Members

    The Immediate Past Chair
    The Immediate Past Chair must have served at least six full months as Chair of the Council. He or she may represent the Council in the absence/ unavailability of the Chair, and/or Vice Chair.  The Immediate Past Chair must ensure a seamless transition with the incoming Chair and support him or her in that process.  The Immediate Past Chair plays a critical role in advising and making recommendations to both the Council Chair and the Council Board. The Immediate Past Chair may assist the Council Chair and the Council Board in special projects or assignments as needed/requested.
    Elected By: Ex- Office Position
    Length of Term: 1 year
    Time Commitment:   Monthly Council meetings – 1 hour
    Monthly Council Board meetings – 1 hour
    Council Board Strategic Workshop on September 2019 – 3 hours
    Annual Event on Oct 2019 – 2 hours 
    Works directly with:  Council Chair, Manager of Membership & Events
    Support:  St. Johns County Chamber Board of Directors