• 10% New Client Discount for a 5-day Kaizen Rapid Process Improvement Workshop

    Offer Valid: 11/14/2022 - 01/31/2023
    10% New Client Discount Kaizen Event Process Improvement Workshop
    10% New Client Discount for a 5-day Kaizen Rapid Improvement Workshop - See results immediately
    Kaizen, Japanese for "Good Change."
    The workshops are facilitated by Carrie Gotch, a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt that will guide a team of eight to apply Kaizen principles for a rapid process improvement event. The team works together to identify root causes, eliminate waste, and create standards that improve quality and reduce abnormalities in a process that has hidden unnecessary costs. The team will walk away feeling empowered to perform their own Kaizens and always look for ways to make things better, and you will have reduced costs!
    At the end of the event, the team will have improved a business or production process and have the tools (templates) and knowledge to perform their own Gemba Kaizens.
    Contact Carrie Gotch to schedule your business's Kaizen Event at (904) 522-5405 or info@gotchgroup.com.

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