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  • Free coaching to any active SJCC member
    Dear Fellow Chamber Member,

    Hi, it's Lisa McGowan, Small Business Chair for SJC Small Business Council.  I write you today for two purposes. 

    First, I want to send words of encouragement as we all maneuver through these times of change.  Our challenges are many both personally and professionally but let's remember we as both business leaders and humans have overcome many challenges in our pasts!   WE can Do This!   Together we are here for each other.   

    My second purpose in writing is to let you know I am offering free coaching to anyone who is a member of the St. Johns County Chamber.   If you are feeling stuck, confused and just want to talk it out to get yourself moving forward I am here!

    Through these past weeks I have coached people on an array of topics:  

    *  What exactly IS Coaching and What Can I Expect?

    *  How to manage my anxiety and stressful feelings now

    *  How to create a routine in my new 'workspace'

    *  How to stay focused and productive

    *  How to manuever the SBA Lending program (I am a retired 

       financial professional and leader of 35 years!)

    *  How can I best help my work team through this change?

    I have also talked to people about future possibilities for themselves in work and life, as this situation has allowed us a time to reflect on what's most important and meaningful in our lives.

    *  Do I make a career change now?

    *  Do I take the plunge and start that side gig while keeping my

       current job?

    *  I need to get BACK to work but where and how?

    *  I am near retirement and want to prepare for my next phase.

    If you would like to know more details about me personally, have any questions, or would like to get started go to my site: www.clearviewcoaching.org.  

    There are no commitments here!  I simply wish to contribute as I can during this difficult time.

    Be Well!

    Contact Information
    phone: (904) 463-1602
    Offer Valid: April 17, 2020May 30, 2020
    St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce