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    STD Testing

    Play It Safe

    The CDC estimates that over 20 million people are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease or infection every year. STDs spread so quickly because sexually active adults do not test frequently enough and often don’t even know they have an infection. Most STDs are preventable and treatable if caught early, which only happens with frequent testing. STDs can affect anyone, no matter your age, race, or gender. The best defense is frequent testing and early treatment.

    STD testing doesn’t need to be awkward or uncomfortable. ARCpoint Labs makes it discreet and stress-free. Our facilities provide accurate and confidential testing to help you make informed decisions about your health. We always accommodate clients discreetly and care deeply about their privacy.

    The most common STDs include:

    • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
    • Herpes
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • Syphilis
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Trichomoniasis
    • Hepatitis C

    ARCpoint Labs offers STD testing that can help you better understand your health and make more informed decisions about your future. Our facilities are clean, confidential, and return results quickly. There will also be a follow-up from providers when critical values return, and we’ll connect you with resources to get treatment. The results are always completely confidential and will not be reported to anyone, except when legally required.

    Take Charge of Your Wellness

    Trips to the doctor’s office are inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive. At ARCpoint Labs, we empower people to make informed decisions about their own health with easy, convenient, and confidential lab testing.

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