• Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing Services in St. Augustine

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    Employer Drug Testing in St. Augustine

    Services at ARCpoint Labs

    The specific testing services you need largely depend on your testing goals, as well as the specific substances you are concerned about. Our professional, knowledgeable team can help you determine which of the following options best fits your needs.

    ARCpoint Labs of St. Augustine offers comprehensive testing solutions for employers. We help keep the workplace a safe place by performing drug, alcohol and background testing. If you want to make sure your business will continue to operate without problems, the best way to prevent it is by relying on our drug testing services.

    Plus, our professionals work to make everything as easy as possible for you. That's why our concierge service will bring the tests to you and make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

    We Help You Develop Your Drug and Alcohol Policy

    If you don't already have a drug and alcohol policy in place for your business, now is the time. ARCpoint Labs of St. Augustine will review your current drug and alcohol policy to ensure it is up to par with state and federal regulations. We customize our plans for each business and always work with the safety of your business and the well-being of everyone in mind. Our experts can navigate all the complex details so you don't have to.

    Random Testing Program Management

    To ensure a safe and secure workplace, continuous and random testing is the best way to supplement your pre-employment testing. ARCpoint Labs can help you create a random testing program that is appropriate for your St. Augustine company. We will also determine the appropriate frequency and for which substances to test. For the tools that will keep new and current employees safe, turn to our team of experts.


    Personal Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Dealing with drug and alcohol use can be a stressful and challenging experience, whether you’re struggling with addiction yourself or attempting to help a friend or loved one who is. At ARCpoint Labs, we understand that reliable, discreet drug and alcohol testing services can help to take a small weight off your shoulders. Our drug testing services are ideal for individuals with a wide range of needs, whether you’re searching for legally-permissible results for use in court proceedings or simply need a basic lab test or DOT drug test to fulfill your job requirements.

    Contact ARCpoint Labs of St Augustine

    ARCpoint Labs also offers corporate training services for supervisors and managers to help them not only better enforce policies, but also understand how to target employees, what substances to look for and much more. Having a policy is not enough if it is not properly enforced, so let our team train your team to be fully prepared.

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