• Groups

    2019-2020 Ponte Vedra Beach Division Board of Directors

    The Ponte Vedra Beach Division (PVBD) of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce has a dedicated staff and a physical presence in Northeast St. Johns County. PVB Division staff is dedicated to supporting local businesses through promotion, education, advocacy and by providing quality events. The PVB Division Board of Directors helps provide direction, support and advises the leadership of the St. Johns County Chamber and its Ponte Vedra Beach Division.

    2020-2021 Agriculture & Environmental Council Chairs

    The mission of the Agriculture & Environmental Council of the St Johns County Chamber of Commerce is to promote the value of our County’s natural and agricultural landscapes.

    2020-2021 Board of Advisors

    The Board of Advisors shall review and comment on the vision and strategic direction of the Chamber. The Board of Advisors may also provide guidance on other strategic matters related to the Chamber. The President / CEO of the Chamber, and at his / her discretion the staff of the Chamber, will be considered staff to the Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors meets as necessary, but no less frequently than four times per fiscal year. A quorum for any meeting will consist of a majority of the Advisors being present.

    2020-2021 Historic St. Augustine Area Council Chairs

    The Historic St. Augustine Area Council of the St Johns County Chamber of Commerce is the cohesive voice of the Historic Downtown and Entry Corridor for the business community; focusing on providing a place for businesspeople to network, address common concerns, learn from each other, and create workable solutions to achieve positive changes for this business community.

    2020-2021 North Business Council Chairs

    The North Business Council of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce promotes unity, educates and provides a forum to discuss issues that affect all local area businesses. The Council provides current information on local and state legislation and initiatives that have an economic impact on the areas that make up the North Business Council.

    2020-2021 Small Business Council Chairs

    The Small Business Council of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce promotes small businesses throughout the county and provides them a resource for the issues they face such as insurance, business banking & lending, legal and marketing. The Council focuses on increasing commerce, education for business owners as well as opportunities to network. It is a cross between an “industry/topic” council and a peer group, which speaks to our strategic plan.

    2020-2021 South Beach Business Council Chairs

    The South Beaches Council of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce promotes the South Beaches communities through networking, education and collaboration among businesses, government and civic agencies.

    2020-2021 St. Augustine Ambassadors

    Ambassadors Meet the first Tuesday of every month at 4:30 in the Chamber Conference Room. The Ambassadors are involved with ribbon cuttings, mixers, other volunteer events.

    2020-2021 Tourism & Hospitality Council Chairs

    The Tourism & Hospitality Council of the St Johns County Chamber of Commerce enhances the ability of our St. Johns County tourism businesses to provide quality service and hospitality to their visitors. The Council is a resource for industry-specific training and educational opportunities.

    2020-2021 Women with Vision Council Chairs

    The Women with Vision Council of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce mentors, inspires, and empowers professionals--particularly women in business--through education and collaboration as a means to embrace their vision, purpose, and value. The council focuses on activities, resources, and events designed to ignite a passion for business and encourage positive contributions to the community while inspiring council members to love the lives they live.