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  • The purpose of the council is to promote, educate, and provide a forum within the Chamber’s structure to advance agricultural and environmental issues and show how these industries contribute to our quality of life. Council programs will focus on our agricultural heritage and the economic contribution that this industry brings to the county. Environmental programs will focus on promoting and addressing issues associated with our natural and environmental resources, sustainable development, permitting, conservation, and eco-tourism.
    The Board of Advisors shall review and comment on the vision and strategic direction of the Chamber. The Board of Advisors may also provide guidance on other strategic matters related to the Chamber. The President / CEO of the Chamber, and at his / her discretion the staff of the Chamber, will be considered staff to the Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors meets as necessary, but no less frequently than four times per fiscal year. A quorum for any meeting will consist of a majority of the Advisors being present.
    The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors leads and directs the goals and direction of the organization. Members of the board are comprised of active eligible individuals of the Chamber. The board is also comprised of the chairs of the Economic Development Council, Ponte Vedra Beach Division and the Chamber's Councils. All voting members of the board are volunteers and have been selected to their positions per the organization's by-laws.
    Chamber Staff, 2018-2019
    The Economic Development Council (EDC) works to promote St. Johns County as an ideal business location and to encourage businesses to expand and relocate within St. Johns County. EDC activities and events are designed to support the success of both new and existing businesses in St. Johns County. The EDC works with large and small businesses. We offer resources to relocating businesses and support start-up ventures by offering information and connectivity to a variety of local resources.
    Historic St. Augustine Council meets the second Friday of each month. The meetings feature a guest speaker presenting relevant information to you and your business. Meetings are designed to bring members the most current information on tourism trends, local and state initiatives that have economic impact on business in the historic district, and work to make the nation's oldest city a better place for residents and visitors.
    The North Business Council will educate and provide a forum within the Chamber's structure to discuss issues that affect all local area businesses. The Council is open to any Chamber Member who is interested in the business development of the northern areas of St. Johns County. We will also provide current information on local and state legislation and initiatives that have an economic impact on the areas in north and Northwest St. Johns County. The North Business Council meets the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings will feature a guest speaker presenting relevant information to local area businesses and offer networking and fellowship opportunities. Participation in the North Business Council meeting is a benefit of Chamber membership.
    The Public Policy Committee advises the Board of Directors on adopting public policy positions and assist with advocacy efforts at the state, local and federal level, including attending advocacy events/meetings. The Committee helps draft the Chamber annual legislative agenda and recommends changes to be approved by the Board of Directors.
    The Ponte Vedra Beach (PVB) Division of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce has a dedicated staff and a physical presence in Northeast St. Johns County. PVB Division staff is dedicated to supporting local businesses through promotion, education, advocacy and by providing quality events. The PVB Division Board of Directors helps provide direction, support and advises the leadership of the St. Johns County Chamber and its Ponte Vedra Beach Division.
    The Small Business Council will support small businesses throughout St. Johns County. The Council will strive to in increase commerce, educate and to be a resource to small business owners and their managers. Meetings: The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings feature guest speakers presenting relevant information to you and your business.
    South Beaches Council meets the third Thursday of each month. The meetings feature a guest speaker presenting relevant information to you and your business. Access to South Beaches Council meetings and events is a Chamber membership benefit. No additional membership cost is required. The council is open to any Chamber member who is interested in the South Beaches area of St. Johns County.
    Ambassadors Meet the first Tuesday of every month at 4:30 in the Chamber Conference Room. The Ambassadors are involved with ribbon cuttings, mixers, other volunteer events.
    The goal of the new Chamber Tourism & Hospitality Council is to further enhance the abilities of our St. Johns County tourism businesses to provide first-class service to their visitors. The council aims to achieve this by being a resource for industry-specific training and educational opportunities.
    The purpose of the Women with Vision Council is to mentor, inspire, and empower professionals-- particularly women in business-through education and collaboration to embrace their vision, purpose and value; to love the lives they live while igniting their passion for business and to make a positive contribution to their community.