• Citizen Coalition Agreement Letter

    Our essential workers support the quality of life in St. Johns County; they protect and keep us safe, care for our health, educate our children, and work for the businesses we frequent daily. Unfortunately, many employees cannot afford to live where they work. The affordability and availability of housing are only attainable for some and create hardships for others. We are asking for your support to advocate for incorporating sustainable solutions into the St. Johns County's Comprehensive Plan.

    When considering options for attainable workforce housing, we can explore a range of solutions for both short-term and long-term implications, taking into account financial resources, local market conditions, and community support.

    While there is no single solution to this issue, there are examples of policy and case studies that St. Johns County can implement to help unlock this challenge. A comprehensive approach will involve a combination of options tailored to our community's specific context and requirements. For solutions to be sustainable, they must be incorporated into the County's Comprehensive Plan.

    The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Attainable Housing Coalition is committed to working with builders and developers, local business leaders, financial institutions, and government partners to address the needs of our essential workers now and into the future.

    With my signature, I support the attainable housing and agree to add my name to the Attainable Housing Coalition.
    I agree to have my name shown as a supporter on the Chamber's Attainable Workforce webpage.