• Chairman

  • The Chairman

    The Council’s Chair will preside over all meetings of the Council Board and monthly Council meetings.  He or she will meet on a bi-monthly basis with the Chamber staff liaison, and will include him or her in Council Board meetings.  The Chair will be responsible for directing the program activities with the guidance of the staff liaison and consistent with any procedures set forth herein. The Chair has the overall responsibility for stewardship of the Business Council through a term to include: growing Chamber membership, enhancing member benefits, promotion of the Council in the community at large, planning and conducting monthly Board meetings and general meetings, and setting the stage for a smooth transition for their successor.  He or she is responsible for ensuring the monthly program agenda adheres to the template provided by the Chamber. The Chair will serve as an ex officio voting Board member of the St. Johns County Chamber Board of Directors.  He or she shall attend and report at the monthly Board meetings. The Chair’s mission and legacy is to ensure the future success, stability and prosperity of the Business Council. 
    Elected By: General Chamber Membership at large
    Length of Term: 1 year
    Time Commitment:   Monthly SJCC Board of Director meetings as ex officio  voting member – 1 hour
    Bi-monthly meetings with staff liaison – 1 hour
    Monthly Council meetings – 1 hour
    Monthly Council Board meetings – 1 hour
    Council Board Strategic Workshop on September 2019 – 3 hours
    Annual Event on Oct 2019 – 2 hours
    Works directly with: Manager of Membership & Events
    Support:  St. Johns County Chamber Board of Directors