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  • United States Census 2020

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  • The 2020 Census counts every person living in the United States and five U.S. territoriesonce, only once, and in the right place

    This census is conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency. Tribal, state, and local governments; community-based organizations; faith-based groups; schools; businesses; the media; and others play a key role in developing partners to educate and motivate residents to participate in the 2020 Census. The 2020 Census provides an opportunity for everyone to be counted. 

    Visit 2020census.gov to learn more about the 2020 Census  how to respond, and why it matters. 



  • By April 1, 2020, all households received an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census.  They had  three ways to respond: online, by phone or by mail.

    You can find a detailed timeline for the 2020 Census activities here

    And for the first time ever, you will be able to respond to the census online!

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