• St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Supports Sales Tax Referendum

    St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Supports Sales Tax Referendum

    Last spring, the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners voted to place the following referendum language on the November 8 ballot:

    The St. Johns County Chamber’s Board of Directors has unanimously approved a motion to support the proposed one-cent sales tax increase.

    "There is no question that St. Johns County’s infrastructure is in serious need of repair and replacement if it is to keep up with our growth and economic vitality so important to the quality of life here in the county," said Michael Scine, St. Johns County Public Policy Committee Chair. "Estimates of the deficit are in the $500 million range. If approved by St Johns County voters on November 8, this referendum will put into place a one-cent increase in the sales tax for 10 years."

    Some have said, “there is no plan B” if approval of the sales tax increase is not achieved. Unfortunately, there is in fact an alternative source of revenue. A dramatic property tax millage rate increase would be paid solely by St. Johns County residents.
    Given that the business community relies on a sound and viable infrastructure - for the shipment of goods and efficient transportation of customers, employees, and vendors to ensure future growth and success, and given the undeniable backlog of infrastructure projects county-wide - the Chamber Board of Directors has determined that the one penny sales tax increase it is the most responsible and least painful remedy for the businesses and residents of St. Johns County.
    Please feel free to reach out to Isabelle Renault, President/CEO, or Bob Porter, VP of Public Policy at the Chamber if you have questions or concerns.

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