• SJC Applies for the Federal Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant for Intersection at US-1 & CR-210A

    SJC Applies for the Federal Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant for Intersection at US-1 & CR-210A

    St. Johns County is applying to remove the railroad crossing and redesign traffic flow at US-1 and CR-210A to allow for safer and more efficient travel. The Federal Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant allows recipients to enhance safety, promote economic opportunity, and increase the efficiency of the supply chain by reducing accidents and disruptions to both rail and truck traffic. This railroad crossing project has been designated by the Florida East Coast Railway as the top priority in North Florida.
    There are many reasons the county is choosing to do this. The first and most important reason is safety. Eliminating railroad crossings increases safety dramatically. Over the last three years, there have been 12 accidents at railroad crossings in the county. The US-1/CR-210A intersection currently supports 24 trains, 36 school buses, and 11,000 drivers daily and is already at 178% of its recommended capacity. This intersection will exceed three times its optimum capacity over the next 10 years. The elimination of the railroad crossing will reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities, providing a safer environment for everyone.
    Secondly, substantial economic benefits would come from the removal of this railroad crossing. Upgraded infrastructure and the removal of this dangerous crossing would not only attract new businesses to this area but encourage existing businesses to expand as traffic moves more efficiently.  By improving the overall transportation network, we would also be addressing the growth management concerns of residents.
    Finally, the supply chain movement would be more efficient with the removal of the railroad crossing. Once the railroad crossing is no longer an issue, you will have eliminated delays and disruptions to the transportation of goods and services requiring traffic to be rerouted to other streets that are not equipped to handle the weight or volume of these goods. It also reduces the risk of rail delays which tend to have a domino effect on the line once they occur.
    We firmly believe the Federal Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant program holds immense potential for our community.  By prioritizing safety, promoting economic opportunity, and improving supply chain efficiency, this grant would greatly benefit our region and its residents. 
    Mr. Adam Tecler with the Office of Grants and Legislative Affairs is seeking letters of support for this project from employers in this region. The Chamber is encouraging our members to submit letters to assist in the application process. For more information, please contact Adam at atecler@sjcfl.us.

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