• Bridging The Gap

    Scott Maynard, Director of Economic Development, recently spent the day at Tocoi Creek High School speaking to all of the Career Academy classes on Career Development and Opportunities in St. Johns County.  Tocoi Creek High School is the home to the Academy of Innovation in the Build Environment, the Academy of Leadership in Emerging Technologies, and the Flagler Health + Academy of Future Healthcare Professionals. 

    Maynard, who spent 32 years in Higher Education and Workforce Development, spent each period explaining to students why it was important to begin the career management process early and the importance of taking advantage of the job shadow and internship opportunities offered by the school.  With each group of students, he discussed the variety of ways a career path might lead and the different routes that one might take to find success.  From there he discussed many of the employment options that existed within each of the academy types in St. Johns County. 

    Maynard said, “We want to make sure all our students know there are viable opportunities for them in St. Johns County no matter what they study.  We have a strong and very diverse economy here and want to see each of them succeed.  Ms. Stephanie Tavill, Career Specialist at Tocoi Creek High School, does a great job assisting students in identifying job shadow and internship opportunities.  I heard several examples where students that participated in summer internships were still working part-time with that same employer this fall and planned to continue there in the future.  That is exactly how the program should work.”

    Ms. Tavill said, “It is great to have a representative from the Chamber come into the classroom to highlight the variety of employment opportunities in St. Johns County.  We are always eager to partner with our local business and industry representatives to grow our internship and job shadow positions and are currently seeking to fill several positions on our advisory boards for each of the academies.”

    If your organization is interested in working with either of these academies reach out to Ms. Stephanie Tavill at stephanie.tavill@stjohns.k12.fl.us.  

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