• 3 Year Plan

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  • 2018 & Beyond Strategic Plan 

    The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce will be a fierce advocate for members’ success. We have created a strategic plan for 2018 and beyond, with a focus on three key components: Increasing capacity to adapt, making a greater impact, and being a known influencer.


  • About 2018 & Beyond

    The evolution of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce started in 2016 with the adoption of Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate, the three year plan that provided a great foundation for the organization to transform into a truly innovative Chamber of Commerce. Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate specifically addressed the challenges and opportunities created by the exacting economic conditions that began at the end of the last decade. 

    During the next three years we expect the expertise, efforts and actions of our volunteers, board members, and staff to bring us to a tipping point. We expect that our new endeavors will begin to attract additional resources to further the organization’s mission and goals on behalf of our members. The chamber of commerce and association industry continues to change and evolve at a rapid rate.  What was suitable and adequate just a few years ago is quickly changing into something far different. 

    As young professionals take advantage of an ever connected world, we will adapt to that reality and offer products and services which will meet their needs; as those who have been in the business world for many years look to explore new opportunities, we offer information and resources that will help them grow and expand in St. Johns County.  

    In 2018 and beyond, the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce has an opportunity that is both exciting and challenging, and it is our intention to embrace that opportunity and create a future for the businesses in St. Johns County that allows them to thrive for many years to come!